High efficiency of EO DATA repository

Last month we shared information about the volume of transfers and downloads from our EO data repository on this article.

Continuing the analysis of the flowing data, we can share with you another interesting fact. In the last 3 months, our users have downloaded more than 10.5 PB of data, which translates into more than 115 TB of transferred data per day.


The current size of our earth observation data repository is 30 PB. Meanwhile, based on the downloaded data by our users over the past 3 months, we can confidently say that the annual amount of data released exceeds more than 40 PB.


The above transfer includes all available data from Copernicus as well as additional collections available on the CREODIAS platform.


With the efficiency of our network infrastructure as well as the high bandwidth of our Internet connections, users can be sure that by placing their projects on our platform their requirements for processing and publishing very large amounts of data will be fully guaranteed.