KazEOSat-1 and KazEOSat-2 available in our DATA OFFER

We're systematically expanding our offer of EODATA Archive by further collections. Today we are giving you the opportunity to search the archive and order new images from KGS Space Technology satellites.

The KazEOSat-1 is another satellite that provides VHR images. „NAOMI” (New AstroSat Optical Modular Instrument) Sensor mounted in KazEOSat-1 delivers images in panchromatic band with 1m spatial resolution with additional multispectral bands from R,G,B to NIR. On the other hand the KazEOSat-2 puts in our hands „KEIS” (Kazakh Earth Imaging System) sensor with multispectral bands from R,G,B and Red-edge to NIR - by operating spatial resolution of 6,5m.

The full specification and characteristics of the individual satellites are available in the documentation available here.

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The following sample photo is available in full resolution here.