JupyterHub - available on CREODIAS

We are proud to present a new service supplementing CREODIAS computational environment. Renowned and widely popular Jupyter Notebooks are now available, seamlessly integrated with CREODIAS system!

CREODIAS Jupyter Notebook is the easiest and most accessible tool for prototyping and development of your ideas for Earth Observation data processing. We are giving you ready-to-go interactive programming environment, equipped with Julia, R and Python language kernels and wide array of extensions, so you can customize it to your needs. Additionally, languages are fitted with number of useful packages for EO processing. Not to restrict you, we also allow users to download and install libraries of their own choice.

Due to improving safety and security, CREODIAS introduce maintenance works on the JupyterHub. The service will not have access to internet. In justified cases, we can provide internet access for 24 hours. If you need such access, please contact us at

Check our demonstration notebook – waiting for you in your environment - to see how quick and easy is to access the CREODIAS product repository. Once you get a grasp of it, try doing more, creating your own processes. All this is available with your CREODIAS credentials.