We are proud to announce the availability of very high resolution (VHR) images. CloudFerro has established a partnership with a Chinese satellite operator, CG Satellite, which owns the Jilin-1 constellation. 

From now on, every customer can take advantage of the ordering option such as:

  • Archive images (available from 2016)
  • New tasked images (possibility to plan and determine conditions)
  • Video imagery (30s / 60s of 4K videos)
  • Night-time (Luminous) images.

Products are available in spatial resolution:

  • Panachromatic - 0.72 m
  • Multispectral - 2.88 m
  • Video - 0.92 m  

All available information on our data sets including Jilin-1 can be found in Commercial optic data offer section on our platform.

For more information and the potential of the Jiliin-1 constellation please visit this documentation.
See the video recorded directly from one of the satellites.
From today you have the possibility to order it for your project.

If you have any questions about VHR images or would like to order, please contact our sales department:


Overview of one Multispectral image taken from Jilin-1 Satellite