Esri ArcGIS Pro now available on CREODIAS

We are pleased to announce that in cooperation with Esri we have implemented the possibility of using CREODIAS virtual machines with preinstalled and preconfigured software that will facilitate in the analysis and visualization of earth observation data.


Starting today (9th of August, 2019) our customers can use our cloud computing power in conjunction with Esri's ArcGIS Pro software connected with local and instant access to Earth Observation data repository - all Data sets are available on our data discovery section. Just in a few steps, you are able to run an environment with the prepared software plugged into our repository of earth observation data.

Our cloud with ArcGIS PRO software is available for new customers as well as for those who already have Esri's licenses. Thanks to one powerful tool you will be able to:
•    Create individual world maps with your own symbology, labels and annotations
•    Build dynamic maps, charts and tables for use in powerful and informative dashboards
•    Work with multiple displays and layouts in 2D and 3D modes
•    Share your maps and other created work for print, interactive web maps or custom applications


For those customers who would like to learn more about the possibility of using this advanced software, please visit the Esri’s website.


If you are interested in purchasing ArcGIS PRO license please visit the contact page and choose regional sales contact. The sales department will answer all your questions and help you choose which license will be perfect for your solutions.


In order to use those virtual machines, please visit our order portal and choose ‘Software ready Cloud Servers’ from Offer Type and pick one of the available flavors.


Our sales department will answer all your questions related to the product, and you will find all the information about VM Esri ArcGIS Pro in our FAQ (or you can access the page directly ‘How to register in MyEsri’) as well as in the Esri forum.