ESA HPC / AI Pilot Computing Infrastructure to support Digital Twin Earth

CloudFerro has launched the first phase of “ESA HPC / AI Pilot Computing Infrastructure" - a pilot supporting ESA's advanced projects (Digital Twin Earth & Universe) in the area of AI/ML. The delivered computing infrastructure is equipped with the latest solutions based on NVIDIA GPU A6000 technology and a superfast dedicated high-speed connection to the CREODIAS EODATA repository (>30PB online available data from the Copernicus Programme), where users will be able to use the data collected there.


ESA Digital Twin Earth & Universe (DTE&U) projects will provide a replica of the natural environment encompassing the Earth, its Space Environment,  the  Solar  System, and  Deep  Space.  Utilizing large-scale simulations and modeling DTE&U will enable a more comprehensive understanding of the past, present & future of the  Earth,  the  Solar  System  &  the  Universe.  It will also provide a  better understanding of the complex interactions across different scientific domains.


The objective of ESA HPC project is to demonstrate the capability to establish and operate HPC - an infrastructure for DTE&U-like applications.

The delivered solution:

  • will be fully built on open-source software (OpenStack and CEPH),
  • will be equipped with GPU resources (required for the DTE&U projects such as DTE Hydrology, Antarctic Ice Sheet & Sea Level Rise Dynamic Response to Ocean Forcing),
  • will include cloud computing that completely supports multi-tenancy, which allows full separation of users and their data.
  • will provide access to the CREODIAS EO Data repository


More about DTE projects: