DIAS voucher scheme for Copernicus Accelerator mentees (2018/2019)

All Copernicus Accelerator mentees are to receive support in accessing and processing Copernicus data and services in the form of vouchers worth EUR 2,000, which can be redeemed through one of four participating cloud-based Copernicus platforms for Data and Information Access Services (DIAS).

While the DIAS offer unlimited free access to Copernicus data and information, they also provide a scalable computing and storage environment for third parties on commercial terms. To allow Copernicus Accelerator mentees to benefit from these new computing environments at no (or limited) extra cost, each of them has received a voucher to be used for the services of their preferred DIAS provider.

These vouchers can be redeemed for any data, product, or service offered by the respective DIAS (such as processing power, VHR data, or consulting services). A combination of different products or services is possible as long as the maximum value is not exceeded.
A recent webinar on the DIAS voucher scheme offered insights into the offerings of the participating DIAS providers and how mentees can benefit from it: Watch video.

The voucher scheme is now active. Requests should be placed quickly so that all the corresponding services can be delivered before the deadline of 15 October 2019.

For more information, please visit Copernicus Accelerator website