CROPIX on Network of Resources

CROPIX on Network of Resources 


CloudFerro, as an IaaS provider, together with CROPIX is now present on a NoR with new Data Processing as a Service product for SAR map. You can apply for ESA financing up to 5000 EUR using Sponsorship Wizard on NoR portal ( ) under the Cropix – DpaaS.  


Cropix is a platform to introduce innovative map products from satellite data that can be used in geo-information systems (GIS). It specializes in spaceborne radar data (SAR synthetic aperture radar), and uses optical data as reference. Its main objective is cropland, crop growth, crop damage and crop performance.


SAR map products are unique in terms of reliability. While optical data regularly fails due to clouds, radar monitors the growth of cropland. Thanks to high data quality, statistics can be derived to generate more information related to phenology or growth dynamic.



The image shows a pseudo-true color map product from January 18, 2022. The picture shows the landscape in high color contrast. More information about Cropix products can be found on: Regularly updated examples from different regions in the world can be found on iMap.