Creodias users can benefit from joining GÉANT scientific network

Creodias users can leverage the GÉANT network connection to join the scientific community and reduce the total cost of network traffic. This is the default route for traffic to peers connected to GÉANT. We believe that this provides the best possible experience when accessing DATA gathered on CREODIAS or working on CREODIAS cloud.

​GÉANT connects research​​​, education an​​​​d innovati​on communities worldwide, with​ secure, high-capacity networks. The ambition is to build the large-scale, high-spe​​​​​ed networks that are essent​​ial for sharing, accessing an​​​d processing the high data volumes generated by research an​​​​​​​d education communities to test and deliver innovative technologies and applications.​​​​ GÉANT also provides network and collaboration services that facilitate international cooperation between researchers and educators and brings people together for the networking that drives innovation. ​​

If you run a scientific project, contact us to learn about our hosting offer and different possible funding options we provide: