CREODIAS to attend LIV Panta Rhei Conference

Panta Rhei - as philosopher Heraclitus summarized - means 'everything flows'. The group Panta Rhei Secretariat took this name to host a forum which focuses on continual change of our organizations. With focus on farming, the organization primarly focuses on eliminating administrative burden on farmers, enabling the management of economic resources to the final recipients in a quicker manner, as well offers the opportunity to share ideas and solutions that in turn would save time and money of agriculture players.

The group formed in 1992 by a manner of having an informal meeting, called the implementation of computerized information system within the intervention agencies. At first, only a handful of countries attended the conferences, yet with time the conferences became more formal, and in turn more countries and people started to attend. This year, the conference is taking place in Andau, Austria, and will last three days, during which there will be workshops and presentations from leading experts.

The conference will primarly gather all Paying Agencies from the European Union, which are responsible for the funding of agriculture lands and subsidising farmers in regards to their crop. These Paying Agencies belong to the European Network for Rural Development (ENRD), that acts as a hub for connecting rural Europe and serves as a platform for the sharing of ideas and experiences on how Rural Development Programmes are working in practice.

The main stakeholders of the ENRD include National Rural Networks (NRNs), RDP Managing Authorities and Paying Agencies, Local Action Groups (LAGs); European stakeholder organisations; agricultural advisory services and other interested rural development stakeholders and organisations.

CREODIAS will attend the conference by having our CloudFerro delegation present. You can meet the CloudFerro team in the DIAS section of the conference, where a booth will be present to demonstrate the unique features of our DIAS.

For more information, we recommend you watch the Youtube link of Panta Rhei