CREODIAS - The European DIAS presented to the Polish market

The area of distribution and processing of satellite imagery is increasingly indicated as the one in which the Polish space industry has achieved the most in terms of building its competitiveness on the European market. The advances noted in this field by domestic companies and institutions were considered a central point of reflection within the framework of the international conference organized on July 2 this year. in Warsaw by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. The event brought to the Polish capital the delegates of the European Space Agency, the European Commission as well as numerous representatives of the industry, decision-making bodies and research centers.

The leitmotif of the DIAS conference for the Polish industry, dated July 2 2018,  was the participation of Polish companies in the development of the European system of wide distribution of satellite imagery, Copernicus Data and Information Access Services (CDIAS). At the invitation of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education at the Copernicus Science Center in Warsaw, high representatives of the European Space Agency, the European Commission and many regional agencies dealing with projects in the field of image and meteorological analysis appeared. There were also domestic participants presenting their guests ideas and sector potential in the field of handling and using satellite data from European EO satellites, such as Sentinel or EnviSat.

The main stream of conference deliberations was primarily the recent creation of the CREODIAS database platform, the result of ESA's largest ever mandate given to a consortium of Polish companies (with the leading role of technology companies Creotech Instruments and CloudFerro).