CREODIAS – the continuation of services and development plans

As the end of the year is quickly approaching, we would like to share with you our plans for CREODIAS development. The most important points are:


  • CREODIAS will continue providing the current data offer as described on with already nearly 24 PB of Copernicus products available online and continue its extension.


  • As the CREODIAS operator, CloudFerro will keep and develop IaaS secure services as described on with new developments such as:
    • new more powerful GPU equipment, including NVIDIA A100 and RX A6000
    • new cloud availability zones
    • continual introduction of new compute flavours and CPUs
    • introduction of new versions of k8s and managed k8s services


  • CREODIAS users will be able to use massive and complex processing ready to accommodate projects like digital Earth simulation, climate & hazard simulation, etc. heading towards a more sustainable economy


We plan further development of our platform in co-operation with our partners and customers – even larger repository of immediately available online EO data and constantly growing computing power.