CREODIAS - February update

CREODIAS, the platform that strives to provide you with the easiest access to EO data, continues to develop. With more and more data available, the platform is also expanding with its services. As of 1st of February 2019, we are offering new dedicated server configuration (DS) along with an updated price list. We believe that the new offer will satisfy the continuously growing demand for more efficient processing.

Thanks to feedback that we have gathered from users, we have decided to change our price list, in order to make the CREODIAS offer more attractive, especially in the field of ‘large’ machines. We are also proud to introduce new configurations of dedicated servers (1 VM per server, managed from a common interface) in response to growing customer expectations in the field of data processing (including a set equipped with a GPU card).

All the new services that are activated after the 1st of February, will be billed according to new parameters. For more information concerning current price packages and services, we invite users to contact the sales department.