CREODIAS at the 25th MARS Conference in Prague

The Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission, in collaboration with its Directorate-General for agriculture and the Czech Republic paying agency for agriculture (SZIF), organises the 25th MARS conference in Prague on 26-28 November 2019.

The annual conference provides a platform to present and discuss EU countries’ experiences and general observations regarding the integrated administration and control system (IACS), including developments in shared management of EU farmers’ dossiers.

This year it will be the 25th edition and therefore agenda will take into account this milestone.

The provisional topics of the 25th conference are:

    - the state of the technical guidance on IACS

    - the development of technologies and procedures for ‘checks by monitoring’

    - enhancing the CAP’s environmental and climate performance via the strategic plans

    - strengthening the pro-active role of the farmer

    - IACS data sharing solutions

CREODIAS delegation is represented by CloudFerro, and is on-site for 3 days with a booth. During this time, we shall present our platform, CloudFerro's cloudcomputing capabilities, showcase case studies and help in the demonstation of Sen4CAP.