CREODIAS at Big Data from Space 2019

Big Data from Space refers to the massive spatiotemporal Earth and Space observation data collected by a variety of sensors - ranging from ground based to space-borne - and the synergetic use of data coming from other sources and communities. This domain is currently facing sharp development with numerous new initiatives and breakthroughs from intelligent sensors’ networks to data science application. These developments are empowering new approaches and applications in various and diverse domains influencing life on earth and societal aspects, from sensing cities, monitoring human settlements and urban areas to climate change and security.

The main objectives of the BiDS’19 Conference are:

1) Focus on new paradigms of data intelligence addressing the entire value chain: data processing to extract information, the information analysis to gather knowledge, and knowledge transformation in value;
2) Maximise the uptake and impact of multi-source space data;
3) Promote the use of platforms and analytical methods to maximise the value extracted for scientific exploration
and discovery, societal benefits, commercial exploitation and operational applications;
4) Bring together major European actors, including research, industry, institutions, and users, to strengthen the
communication and transfer of requirements, methods and technologies, and to reinforce an interdisciplinary
5) Promote research and applications in innovative/disruptive data analysis methods;
6) Advance the upscale of new solutions from R&I to operational use (e.g. for the security domain);
7) Promote cross-fertilisation with similar works in other data intensive domains (e.g. high-energy physics, microbiology, social media, etc,).

The CREODIAS team is present to answer any DIAS-related questions, so make sure you look for them!