CREODIAS Announcements

To keep our community constantly updated with CREODIAS news, we strive to inform users via several tools at our disposal - social media, newsletter, CREODIAS News and CREODIAS Forum.

As of 11th of April 2019, we are happy to inform of another tool being implemented - CREODIAS Announcements. Located in the Forum section, pinned to top, it will act as our feature to inform our active users of technological changes as well as any upcoming changes that can be experienced.

As we do not wish to over-inform with these changes, we will not be sending out separate emails informing of the announcement, yet we will highlight the most important changes in our end-of-the-month newsletter.

We invite all users to check regularly our Announcement and Forum section, as our platform is continually expanding, with more features and tools being regularly added for the benefit of all EO data users. Moreover, the announcement section features the option to subcribe and RSS, allowing interested users to be informed as soon as a new post is featured.


Link to the Announcement section