CREODIAS 2.0 – Earth Observation platform of the future

CREODIAS users can feel confident running their projects on our platform which provides them with an efficient, sustainable, and future-proof environment that meets their requirements for processing and publishing substantial amounts of EO data. We are launching new functionalities of CREODIAS 2.0 – a new version of the platform that offers more capacity and scalability for our users’ projects. That includes:


🔸 WAW3-1 cloud – a new instance of the cloud computing services, already operational, that improves the availability, efficiency, and resilience of CloudFerro cloud services, with integrated Kubernetes and new flavors, with advanced NVIDIA GPU configurations to support AI and ML applications. We are planning to launch the next new cloud in Frankfurt later this year;


🔸 Data and processor marketplace – users can publish their data and run their processors on CREODIAS; users can share their private collections in a similar way to our EO data that can be visible as a single bucket directly from the Virtual Machines in the cloud or through s3 and with access management;


🔸 Data Explorer – a new advanced tool for searching, visualizing, ordering, and processing EO data;


🔸 Billing system – together with the migration to WAW 3-1 cloud, our customers will also be connected to the new billing system, already operational, which enables much greater flexibility of account management, including a native pay-as-you-go model, convenient consumption reports, and invoicing;


🔸 CREODIAS 2.0 Portal – an improved version of the platform, combining account management with a knowledge base, communication channels, and customer service support.


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