Complete a survey about CREODIAS

Dear CREODIAS Community!


As CREODIAS 2.0 - the next version of the platform is approaching, we ask you to share your feedback on your experience with the platform so that we could keep working on making CREODIAS your ideal EO cloud.


Just complete a 7-minute survey here:


CREODIAS users’ voice is heard


It is our top priority to act on our user’s feedback and let you co-decide on how the platform functions. For over 4 years, CloudFerro, the CREODIAS operator, has gathered and implemented hundreds of users’ suggestions and ideas provided to our Support team, in numerous surveys and in-person interviews. Thank you for your contribution!


CREODIAS users has always been involved in the process of continuous improvement of the platform. Thanks to this approach, we have managed to develop the most popular of all the DIAS-es*, offering a unique combination of a large repository of EO data (30 PB now) immediately available online and a cloud environment for processing it (there are now over 8000 registered users).


Respondents will be awarded


If you are 1 of the first 20 respondents, you will be awarded free credits of 150 EUR for processing EO data on CREODIAS. You will also get some fancy prizes – powerbanks, USB hubs plus personalized notebook and bookmark with a Copernicus Sentinel image of an area of your choice!


We are waiting for your responses until July 24th.



Link to the survey:


* on the basis of similarweb statistics of websites visits.