CloudFerro with a second DIAS

CloudFerro, cloud-provider of CREODIAS, and Thales Alenia Space announce the signature of a contract with EUMETSAT for the provision of cloud computing and related services for the WEkEO platform. WEkEO is one of the five Data Information and Access Services financed by the European Commission in the frame of the Copernicus Program. The value of the contract amounts to over 10 million euros and covers the provision “as a service” of the computing, storage and network infrastructure plus the data access as well as the processing until October 2021, unless extended for one or two additional years.

Thales Alenia Space as consortium representative with its co-contractor CloudFerro have been able to federate a strong Consortium, including also ATOS Origin, GMV, Orange and CLS to cope with the technical, economic and business challenges of the WEkEO platform. It benefits from the best synergies from several current DIASs and cloud solutions, bringing new comers with additional competencies.

“I am pleased that our experience in providing services for industry clouds, including the space industry, has been noticed and appreciated. WEkEO is one of the five EC DIAS (Data and Information Access Services) platforms, which provide data from the Copernicus system, and at the same time, it is the second for which we as CloudFerro provide a platform that collects and processes data. This is another project that we deliver under the European Commission Copernicus program. It confirms our ability to provide state-of-the-art cloud computing services for demanding and specialized markets - explains Maciej Krzyżanowski, Chief Executive Officer of CloudFerro."

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