cloudeo now operates on CREODIAS

With great delight we are proud to inform that cloudeo AG is using CREODIAS.

cloudeo operates a unique, vendor independent, data agnostic market platform through which customers can obtain professional geoinformation services from leading national and international providers at low cost. Services include dedicated solutions for many industries; such as agriculture, urban and landscape planning, logistics, telecommunications, and water management. Customers are provided with high resolution imagery, 3D terrain models, thematic maps, and sensor data for a wide range of applications. All of which can be combined with a large selection of software packages, analytics and IT that facilitate the processing of these data.

cloudeo makes it easy for partners to enter the market on a local, national or international basis. Their cloud-based platform empowers new business models while enabling production automation, delivery, and administration.

For more information on cloudeo, please visit their website at: