ASAR data available on CREODIAS

Recently, Envisat ASAR data has been added to the CREODIAS data catalogue. The ASAR sensor was mounted on the Envisat satellite and acquired data between 2002 and 2012. Together with the precursor ERS satellites (1992-2011) and the currently active Sentinel-1 satellites (2015-present), the ASAR archive forms an important link in the total C-Band SAR archive. ASAR data is used for monitoring marine, land, snow environments as well as natural disasters, to name a few application domains. The ASAR data sets currently hosted on CREODIAS are Alternating Polarisation (APP, APS), Image Mode (IMP, IMS) and Wide Swath Single-look Complex (WSS) data sets, as these are the most popular data sets. In case CREODIAS users are interested in additional ASAR datasets on CREODIAS, please contact CREODIAS support to discuss the possibilities.

ASAR data is currently only available on CREODIAS through the ordering mechanism. Users can search the ASAR database through Finder, either through the GUI or the API access. Subsequently, a DOWNLOAD order can be placed in the Finder. The requested images will be downloaded and placed in the CREODIAS cache. The user will be notified when the images are downloaded and available.

For more information, please read the case study