Move to CREODIAS to keep running your EO projects


CREODIAS is a platform that host some of the largest Copernicus Earth Observation data projects. Our customers can continue their projects with confidence about the stability and continuation of the service.

Business continuity of service delivery is the most important factor when choosing a supplier of EO data and cloud computing resources. As the most preferred provider of Earth Observation data (incl. Copernicus Sentinel data) combined with cloud services, CREODIAS provides you with uninterrupted access to satellite imagery as well as cloud resources where you can safely host your research and scientific projects.

Special offer

  • One month of using cloud computing resources for FREE to relocate your environment and set it up on CREODIAS
  • A dedicated consultant you can contact to answer any questions and support you during the relocation process.
  • A training package that includes dedicated webinars, workshops and tutorials – live and on-demand.

If you run a project hosted on an external infrastructure and you want to be sure your access to Sentinel satellite images and other Copernicus data is uninterrupted, please contact us at to discuss your needs, timeline and get support with your migration!


What makes CREODIAS a unique EO platform?

#1 Huge size of the data repository and its outstanding efficiency


The current size of CREODIAS Earth observation data repository exceeds 32 PB and it is growing over 20 TB a day!  Moreover, the efficiency of this repository is really impressive: CREODIAS users download more than 115 TB data every single day.

With the high efficiency of network infrastructure as well as the high bandwidth of our Internet connections, you can be sure that by running their projects on CREODIAS, your requirements for processing and publishing even very large amounts of data will be fully met.


#2 Free and immediate access to historical satellite data

Whether it is for predicting environmental changes from a long-term perspective, calibrating satellite imagery, or training machine learning models to extract information from that imagery, research based on multi-year data is always much more accurate. #3 Near real-time and historical data at any time with no delays or restrictions


#3 Near real-time and historical data at any time with no delays or restrictions

In a quarter, CREODIAS users made more than 3 billion queries, of which 60% were for data older than 2 years. More statistics here.

CloudFerro, the CREODIAS operator, is successively launching new functionalities of CREODIAS 2.0 – the next version of the platform that offers more capacity and scalability for our users' works.

Would you like to discuss your project in more details? Contact us at - We will be happy to support you!