Sentinel Hub Documentation

Sentinel Hub is a multi-spectral and multi-temporal big data satellite imagery service, capable of fully automated archiving, real-time processing and distribution of remote sensing data and related EO products, managed by Sinergise Ltd. For more information on Sinergise go to Third Party Services.

How to integrate Sentinel Hub with Geoserver

  1. Creating WMS instance
    Create a new WMS instance. There is no need to limit the area.
    Resulting WMS is:<KEY>
    Capabilities URL:<KEY>=GetCapabilities
  2. Adding new WMS store in Geolayer
    Go to Data Stores
    Add new store.

    Go to Other data sources ‣ WMS
  3. Fill data
    Type Sentinel Hub WMS In the WMS Source name input field.
    In the Capabilities URL field type<KEY>=GetCapabilities
    You can leave Username and password fields empty.
    Click "Save".
  4. Publish layers from the WMS

    Click "Publish” right of NDVI layer.
    In “Edit Layer” dialogue you can change the bounding boxes to reflect the farm bounding box (only Lat/lon bounding box) - this will limit visualisation to only selected area. No other changes are needed.
    Click “Save”.
  5. Publish other layers
    Go to DataLayers.
    Click “Add new resource”.
    Select “Add layer from” “Sentinel Hub WMS”.
    Publish other relevant layers in line with previous points.
  6. Preview data
    Go to Data ‣ Layer Preview.
    Click “OpenLayers”.
  7. Notes:
    Geoserver caches the WMS configuration (Capabilities). Therefore it is recommended to finish configuration before adding it to the store. Some further hints on how to work around this are here: