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Jupyter notebook cannot request an URL

Jupyter notebook cannot request an URL
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20 May 2019 9:10
I am using and try to make a URL request in my notebook to read the ATOM response from a query (using the python requests library).
The request times out, apparently because the firewall does not allow the jupyter notebook to read external URLs.

I also tried running the request with wget in the terminal (connection failed).

We had similar problems connecting from the jupyter notebook to the data base that runs on our VM, using the external IP.
We solved this by using the internal IP (10.111.x.x). In case has such an internal IP, it may solve the problem (but what is that IP?).

Guido Lemoine

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RE: Jupyter notebook cannot request an URL
21 May 2019 1:36 as a reply to Guido Lemoine.
Dear Guido
as you have correctly guessed, internal firewall is restricting external communication. We have added external IP of the Creodias Finder to the firewall's whitelist, thus it should be reachable from now on.
However, we are working on restricting internal communication, so in near future in order to connect to your VM you will be able to use your VM's external IP.

Best Regards,
Stanisław Krzyżanowski
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