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Zipper changelog announcement

Zipper changelog announcement
15 April 2019 9:38
CREODIAS products can be downloaded in two ways:
- using CREODIAS Finder:
- using CREODIAS Finder API:
The downloading service has just changed to make the downloaded product compliant with ESA SNAP:
Zipper ver. 1.0.0 Changelog:
1. Products downloading using Firefox browser is resilient to connection interruption. The browser will resume downloading process after the connection recovers or after the process has been paused and resumed by the user.
2. Progress bar added for browser-based downloading.
3. “.SAFE” ZIP file structure has been adapted to enable opening the ZIP directly in SNAP.
4. The "Modified" dates of the files in the ZIP file are now consistent with the date of files in the EODATA repository.
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