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BugRep: Glitched swath geometry

BugRep: Glitched swath geometry
10 December 2018 10:10
Hi, it looks like some of the images are stored with east/west wrapping glitches in the geometry definitions of their cover area?  This causes these images to be seen as for some latitudes matching all longitudes except where it actually should be, resulting in both false positives and false negatives when searching using a geometrically defined area of interest.

To give an example;  If the following Rest query is entered into the Finder web interface, it will bring up a dataset that appears to have this glitch - it will be visible in the map display.


I would really appreciate feedback on what could be done about this?

Edit:  It seems the forum code does not display the Rest URL as intended because of the & and % signs in it.. putting it in a code tag now to see if that helps.
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RE: BugRep: Glitched swath geometry
18 December 2018 1:00 as a reply to Esther de Reus.
Dear Esther,

Apologies for late response.
Since last week, we have been investigating the issue that you have mentioned.
Unfortunately it is not possible to overcome those obstacles with any advice at the moment.
Problem is related to the RESTO (search engine dedicated to Earth Observation products) itself and hereby our developers work to prepare a proper fix.

Stay tuned,
Any feedback will be send in this thread.

Kind regards,
Mateusz Makowski
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