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Unavailability of Sentinel-1B imagery and CARD-COH6 products

Dear CREODIAS Users,

According to the latest information from ESA ( Sentinel-1B imagery is still unavailable.

There is a high probability that the SAR instrument will not be restored and, consequently, the S-1B data will not be available in the CREODIAS repository any longer.
Due to the extension of the Sentinel-1 observation cycle to 12 days, the products CARD-COH6 have not been properly manufactured since the satellite error (December 23rd, 2021).

In February 2022 we are planning to add new CARD-COH12 product, which will be based only on Sentinel-1A. 
If the information about the permanent unavailability of this Sentinel-1B is confirmed, the COH12 product will be included in CREODIAS data offer as a CARD-COH12 collection. 
The collection will be available through EO Finder UI and API and in EODATA repository.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Best regards,
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RE: Unavailability of Sentinel-1B imagery and CARD-COH6 products
4 March 2022 10:40 as a reply to Marcin Gil.
Dear CREODIAS Users,
We would like to inform that CARD-COH12 products, based on Sentinel 1A, are available in the CREODIAS repository right now.

A CARD-COH6 collection will not be available for products newer than 28.12.2021.

Best Regards,
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