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Doubled SAR Data in EOFinder

Doubled SAR Data in EOFinder
25 October 2019 1:37

when I was looking for Sentinel-1 GRD data for defined region and time I noticed that in Copernicus Sci-Hub there are 3 result and 6 results in Creodias EOFinder. 

I have uploaded example to image hosting website:
Three checked products are available in Copernicus Sci-Hub and another 3 are not. May you know why is that ? I would like to understand what are these 3 additional products.

I will be very thankful for any help!

Kind regards,
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RE: Doubled SAR Data in EOFinder
25 October 2019 2:08 as a reply to Adam Wasilewski.
Dear Adam,
these products have different identifiers that would suggest another product type. One of these is NRT products, and another is NTC product. What are the differences between them?
Near Real-Time (NRT) are delivered less than 3 hours after data acquisition and mainly used for marine meteorology and ocean-atmosphere gas transfer studies (and possibly for operational oceanography depending on orbit accuracy).
Non-Time Critical (NTC) are typically delivered within 1 month after data acquisition. This additional delay allows consolidation of some auxiliary or ancillary data (e.g. precise orbit data) and the data are mainly used for geophysical studies and operational oceanography.
I hope this explanation will help you to understand the duality of the mentioned products!

Best regards,
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