Go to www.creodias.eu and log in.



After being logged in go to the top bar menu and select My Account → Your Cloud Environment.

Using OpenID Connect you will be redirected to the OpenStack Dashboard page.

On the overview page you can check your Limit Summary like Instances, RAM or Volumes, and on the left top menu you can see the list of your projects.


Go to Instances and click Launch Instance on the right side. After that you will be able to create a VM. Add Instance Name and click Next button.


In Source tab please select Image as a Boot Source option and select available image from the list below.

Choose Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. After that go to Flavor tab.



If you want to create bigger system disk than in predefined flavor, please select Create New Volume Yes (next to Select Boot Source option) and choose the size . 


In the Flavor tab choose the size for your instance.

In the example below the chosen flavor is eo1.xsmall.


Go to the Networks tab. Please select the network (eg. private_network_external_3). 

If you want to have access to EODATA, please choose eodata network as well.


Go to the Security Groups tab and add allow_ping_ssh_rdp group. This option allows for access to the VM using SSH.


Go to Key Pair tab and press Create Key Pair button on the top of the window.


Add name and press Create Key Pair. Copy Private Key to Clipboard, paste it in the notepad and save on the disk of your desktop.

This key will be needed to connect to your VM using SSH.


Click Done. After that click Launch Instance button to create your VM.


Your instance is being created. After choosing the Instances menu you can see your newly created VM.


From the right drop down menu please choose Associate Floating IP option.

Click + (plus) button.

Choose external3 network and press Allocate IP.


Now you need to associate it to your network port. Please do not select your eodata port (in the example below:, private network (in the example below:

After that press Associate button and your Floating IP will be visible in IP address column.


Now you can open Console from the drop down menu on the right.


You can login to your VM with browser SPICE console. In such case use eoconsole as a login. At the first time you need to set up your new password as below.


Please note that it is a basic Console. There is no copy-paste option etc. To get a full access to your VM you have to login via Windows desktop.

For this purpose please install PuTTY application first. It can be downloaded from Microsoft Store. Please download and install Putty (Unofficial) version as it is opensource one.


Now you need to change your Private Key to acceptable PuTTY format.

Open PuTTY Key Generator and load the Private Key generated previously.


Save your Private Key with *ppk extension by clicking Save private key.

Copy your Floating IP and paste it to PuTTY Configuration like below.


Go to SSH → Auth, open your *ppk private key file and press Open.


Click YES when PuTTY Security alert window pop up.

As it is SSH protocol you do not need a password for login process. Log in as eouser and press enter. After that you will be able to use Console from Windows desktop.