Your Processing Environment



CREODIAS customers can use our cloud computing power in conjunction with Esri's ArcGIS Pro Desktop software connected with local and instant access to Earth Observation data repository - all Data sets are available on our data discovery section. 

Setting up VM with ArcGIS

Setting up a VM on CREODIAS with ArcGIS Pro has been documented in the CREODIAS Knowledgebase. The procedure involves ordering a Windows-based VM with ArcGIS Pro pre-installed, setting the VM up and supplying ESRI licencing information to run ArcGIS Pro.

In case the user does not have an ArcGIS licence, a trial licence can be ordered from Esri. This licence will allow the user to use all functionalities of ArcGIS Pro for three weeks, after which a licence can be purchased, if wished.

Figure 1; ESRI ArcGIS Pro free trial option

Using ArcGIS in VM

After setting up the VM and setting up the correct licencing for ArcGIS Pro, the user can utilise the full power of ArcGIS Pro combined with direct satellite data access through CREODIAS. In the ArcGIS Catalog, a direct connection to the CREODIAS data repository can be established that allows users to directly access any satellite or other geospatial data set and display and analyse it in ArcGIS.

Figure 2; CREODIAS data repository in ArcGIS Catalog

Example use cases

In case a user would like to analyse any newly acquired satellite image in ArcGIS, one can just enter the CREODIAS file path in the ArcGIS Catalog and import it into ArcGIS. In the example below, two Sentinel-2 images have been imported that display the damage related to wildfire on the island of Gran Canaria. This will allow the user to use satellite data for emergency mapping using the full power of the ArcGIS Pro software.

Additional to the ArcGIS GUI, users can use command line programming to batch process large volumes of data using ArcGIS functionalities.