Fighting with COVID-19

CloudFerro ensures business continuity

We monitor the current situation of Covid-19 pandemic and adjust our actions accordingly, but at the same time we provide uninterrupted services to our users. Learn more


Special offer

To support the EU Space efforts to fight the pandemic or mitigate its impact, we prepared the special offer for researchers, public authorities and innovative service providers to support their projects aimed at fighting the COVID-19. We offer free of charge cloud computing resources, along with free access to Earth Observation data on CREODIAS platform, very high resolution images on preferential terms or made available free of charge.

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Air pollution maps

See the maps of pollution in the atmosphere during the situation of Covid-19 pandemic. They were prepared based on recent pictures from European Sentinel-5P satellite, which is equipped with TROPOMI instrument, document, among others, the emission of NO2. The maps show weekly average values of NO2 tropospheric column density measures from the start of January up to this week.

Sentinel-5P images are available on the CREODIAS platform.


The animated map of Europe shows how the emissions drop substantially after national lockdowns were imposed from mid-March onwards. This effect is especially visible in the Po-valley in Northern Italy and around major cities like Madrid and Istanbul.


The animated map of east Asia shows that after the lockdown in China in late January the levels of NO2 emissions were reduced significantly, especially in Northern China. It is also visible that after the strictest period of the lockdown ended in late March, the emissions start to increase again.