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More data, more users!

Blog post # 3

We reached 9 PB of data on the 30th of September while we average 400 users per day on our platform! To each new visitor, we bid you welcome, and to each returning individual, we are glad that you continue to support CREODIAS.

With this blog post, we would like to provide you a small update to what is currently happening with CREODIAS and the team supporting it. As of mid-September, we have experienced a steady rise of media interest to the possibilities of CREODIAS. To link just a few articles:

About the draught in Poland - INTERIA

How CREODIAS offers up-to-date satellite images in comparison to Google Maps - GeekWeek

In what way can CREODIAS help in verifying farmers and their demands for subsidies - Interia Tech


These are only a few, all of which bring the possibilities of CREODIAS to a large field of audience. We also have several TV interviews coming up, so please follow us on Twitter for all matters relating to this.

From conferences, we have attended Industry Space Days in Noordwijk and Panta Rhei in Andau. We are attending this month:

- Copernicus Ecosystem Workshop in Brussels

- Copernicus General Assembly in Brussels

- CEOS in Brussels

- DIAS Info Days in Hague

Apart from the increased media interest, we are receiving numerous questions and offers of cooperation from SMB's and startups, all of which see large potential of expanding their business within the CREODIAS platform. We welcome all and are happy to answer any EO questions that you may have.

If you would like to contact us, feel free at