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What is the difference between Portal user (portal.creodias.eu) and OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon) user?

There are two different groups of users.

  1. The User of CREODIAS Portal (main account or subaccount):

  • is able to check the invoicing;
  • has access to the billing statistics;
  • may communicate with support team by using ticketing system;
  • can place order for additional credit units;
  • is able to add another user in the same domain (main account);
  • can buy services, which are not available in Horizon (e.g. bare metal machines, fixed term services).


By registering to CREODIAS portal the main account is created and the user automatically obtains an account in OpenStack Dashboard.

Portal overview:

Logging site:

Here you can sign in and make an account.

Checking the account settings. Click on the "My Account" button in the upper-right-corner:

Choose "Account Home" label.

Here you can monitor statistics of your running services, opened tickets etc.

  • Support – Here you can verify the status of your tickets.

  • Billing – Check the general info regarding billing per usage in your domain and percentage in whole credit expenditure.

  • Invoicing – Check your invoices and payment status.

In Contacts/Subaccounts field click on the "Update" button to add subaccount to our domain:


Subaccounts created in CREODIAS Portal have no access to the Horizon dashboard. Only the main account has access to Horizon account.

2. OpenStack (Horizon) user:

  • is capable of performing operations on virtual machines;
  • is able to use OpenStack CLI to monitor behaviour of instances;
  • can gain access to virtual machines via SPICE terminal (Horizon Console);
  • can generate ec2 credentials for object storage (See:  How to generate ec2 credentials?

OpenStack (Horizon) user overview

You can login to Horizon at:  https://cf2.cloudferro.com

Click on "OpenID Connect" and choose "Keystone Credentials".

You can also access the Horizon account from CREODIAS portal.

Click on the "Your Cloud Environment" in "My Account" tab.

Choose OpenID Connect.

In Compute → Overview you may check all diagrams showing your Limit Summary (Quota for particular resources). You can also see resource usage (Usage Summary) determined by selected time interval.

We can see the users having access to the project by clicking on "Identity" tab and choosing "Users" option.

In the example above John Doe is the main account. It means that John Doe has got two accounts: one in Horizon (OpenStack Dashboard) and one in CREODIAS Portal.

By clicking on the chosen user you will see additional information:


Clicking on the "Edit" button allows you to modify user's data.

You can also create new user that will have access to the project by clicking on "Create User" button.