sentinel 2

S2GLC operating on CREODIAS

S2GLC is an international project funded by the European Space Agency and implemented by a consortium led by CBK PAN together with three partners: IABG, EOXPLORE and the University of Jena.

The aim of the project is to create a scientific basis for developing a future, global, land cover database using images of the Sentinel-2. The first phase of the project is primarily a detailed analysis of existing global land cover databases, such as CCI-LC, GlobCover, and GLC2000, with particular regard to the legends used in them. The results of this work will allow to define the technical requirements for the new base with high spatial resolution - S2GLC.

In the next stage, the most promising classification methods will be selected, covering different approaches (pixel/object/context), as well as supervised and unattended methods. The available reference data sets will be analyzed, which will be used as learning and validation data during testing. Selected methods will be tested in five test areas in different parts of the planet (in Italy, Germany, China, Colombia and Namibia).