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How to upload your custom image using OpenStack CLI?

In order to add custom OS image to your cloud resources you may use python-openstackclient CLI.

There is a FAQ in attachment:

How to install OpenStackClient (Linux)?

It is strongly recommended to use virtual environments to avoid installing wide-spread Python packages.

There is FAQ on our site with Virtualenv configuration:

How to install Python virtualenv/virtualenvwrapper?

There are also available tools for the same purpose such as: pipenv or miniconda.


1.If you have already prepared your working environment, you might open your terminal window.


2. Source the RC file that can be downloaded in Horizon dashboard.

CREODIAS_User@PC~$ cd dir/

CREODIAS_User@PC~/dir$ source cloud_02722\ project_without_eo-openrc.sh

Please enter your OpenStack Password for project cloud_02722 project_without_eo

as user john.doe@cloudferro.com:



3. Use openstack image create command to upload an image to Glance repository.

custom_image.qcow2 is your custom image that you have obtained on your own.
CREODIAS_User@PC~/dir$ openstack image create --disk-format qcow2 --container-format bare \

--private --file ./custom_image.qcow2 the_name_of_custom_image


Additional parameters for often usage:

--disk-format <disk-format>

--min-disk <disk-gb>

--min-ram <ram-mb>


For more explanations, you may easily use:

openstack image create --help

After completion, you should gather necessary information from the console output. (table with data)


4. In order to check our new image in Horizon dashboard, please log in to cf2.cloudferro.com


5. Go to Compute → Images


6. Type in filter: custom_image


7. You may click on the image to inspect advanced data.