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How to send a support request/incident?

Visit the Client Area menu, and click on "Open New Ticket" button.

Choose which section matches best to your subject.

Here, it is possible to choose once again department responsible for solving the issue, set priority of question, and (optionally) service related to ticket. This window also allows user to attach files (for example logs or screenshots). Accept request by clicking "Submit"

If issue will be reported properly, a new window will appear.

Reported tickets can be viewed in Client Area by choosing desired subject. Report should look like that:

When post is answered by support team, it can be still be replied by clicking "Reply" icon. A reply window will be shown.

If case will be solved, the ticket will be closed by team member, if the issue returns, simply reply to ticket to make it open again.

You may also send a mail for one of our departments, but please note that your mail address must be registered in your CREODIAS account in order to create ticket.


The main contact with our technical support. Doubts and questions related to the use of our services. Reporting faults, inconveniences, software bugs. General technical issues and complaints.

Sales Service offer questions, pricing, requests for offer. New features or service change requests. General commercial issues. sales@creodias.eu
Problems 24/7 Reporting problems and critical failures requiring a quick response. Major service unavailability or severe performance degradation reporting. problems@creodias.eu
Billing and Accounting Explanations regarding settlements, invoices and accounting matters. accounts@creodias.eu