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How to search for satellite products using tiles?


In CREODIAS Finder you can search Sentinel-2 products by date and tile, rather than by geometry.


What exactly is a tile?


For Level-1C and Level-2A tiles are 100x100 km2 ortho-images in UTM/WGS84 projection.

Tile names correspond to UTM zone grid. The world is divided into 60 UTM zones of 8 degrees width in longitude, with numbers increasing towards the East. Tile names are included into products Identifiers, that allows fast searching for them.

To find an area of your interest, you can use Sentinel-2 tile grid KML file from ESA, that provides the footprint of all the tiles, and their names. This file is available under this link: Sentinel-2 tiles .kml file.

KML file can be easily opened in Google Earth Engine: https://earth.google.com/web/ as a new project.

Step by step guide is described here:  Import KML map data into Google Earth.

After that select the tile you're interested in and copy it's name.


For purposes of this guide we will use tile 33UYR, illustrated above (screenshot of Google Earth Engine) and below (screenshot of CREODIAS Finder).


Searching for products using FINDER.

The easiest way to reach products from tile is to copy the tile name into search criteria and confirm by 'Enter' key.


Here are all the results for the example tile:


To narrow down the total number of products, we can use a time frame filter, for example by inserting one month period to 'observed' date.


Searching for products using Rest query.

You can use "Rest query" field to modify your search:


To do that, copy/modify/paste the string from the field:



Tile name in our query is specified by the following keyword:



You can also specify time period for search,  by adding keywords 'startDate' and 'completionDate'.

For example add to your query, 'startDate=2022-01-17T00:00:00Z' and 'completionDate=2022-01-17T23:59:59Z', if you are searching for one day only.



And the results of query:





Download Sentinel-2 tile grid KML file:


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