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How to pay for proforma invoice and "unpaid bills" using CREODIAS Billing Units?

In CREODIAS, there is a possibility of payment for ordered services using CREODIAS credits.
This means that if you have ordered a certain amount of credits earlier, you are able to pay for services (e.g bought in one-time payment mode) using the same units that are used for powering VMs ordered in Horizon. You don't also have to pay for recent proforma invoices using bank transfer or PayPal.

Please note that this form of payment has been VAT invoiced once, so you won't receive another VAT invoice.

You can also get a discount for new services if the amount of your credits is not sufficient for paying for the whole invoice.

To do so, after completing your order (here you can see how to order new VM), just click on "Apply credit" button on your proforma invoice. 

The payment will be applied, and you will be moved to order confirmation.



If you don't have enough credits, or you just want to get a discount rather than paying for the whole invoice you can specify a smaller sum.


After that, you will see the"Billing Units discount" entry in the "Invoice Items" tab.


If you want to pay for bills that have been not paid earlier, select the "Invoicing" tab in your Client Area.


Then, select proforma marked as "Unpaid".

You will be moved to invoice preview that will allow you to pay the debt. Invoice will be marked as "Paid"