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How to order MODIS data

1. We assume that you have already registered your account in CREODIAS and you are logged in to Finder (https://finder.creodias.eu/).

2. In Finder, please choose MODIS Download in the "order products using" pane, as well as MODIS/TerraAqua as a collection. You will be able to limit products to the particular product type. You can also specify the area of interest and timelapse as in a regular Finder query (please see https://creodias.eu/-/how-to-use-creodias-finder-)

3. After specifying the query, click the "search" button, and the list of products will appear. You can choose the product by clicking on it and selecting the "add" option, or by selecting multiple products and clicking the "add all to cart" option. After finishing the selection, please click the "cart" button in the top right corner.

4. You will be asked for your s3 credentials (see how: https://creodias.eu/-/how-to-generate-ec2-credentials-), your Object Storage bucket and prefix (destination directory) name (please see: https://creodias.eu/-/a-9-36 and https://creodias.eu/-/how-to-access-private-object-storage-using-s3cmd-or-boto3-). After filling these sections, please specify the order name and priority and hit the "order" button.

5. You can check the status of your request by selecting the "orders" menu, next to the cart button. If the ordering status is done, the product should be downloaded to your object storage container.