How to configure FTP server on Windows (Filezilla)?

Download Filezilla Server from https://filezilla-project.org and install it.

Set up IP of your instance, port and password.











You may need to forward your port by adding new Security Rule in Horizon and add it to your VM Security Rules. For that you can use this instruction:

How to use security groups in Horizon?


If any problem problem occurs, check Horizon security groups and Windows Firewall settings.

How to add Windows Firewall FTP rule:

Launch Windows Firewall Management Console:










Select Inbound rules, click New rule, choose Port and go further.

Select TCP, specific local ports and fill input with 20-21 for active FTP or 21, x-y for passive FTP, where x is the beginning of range set in Filezilla Server and y is the end.

Check Allow the connection, click Next two times, give rule a name and Finish. Client shouldn’t receive timeout.


More manuals for Windows you can find here