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How to add user in Cloud Dashboard (Horizon)?

Users in Cloud Dashboard (Horizon) are capable of performing various actions on virtual resources. By registering to CREODIAS portal you obtain one main account/domain (in the example below: cloud_02722).

To add user to the domain in OpenStack please follow the steps below.


1. Log in to Horizon (OpenStack Dashboard) https://cf2.cloudferro.com and select "Identity" tab.




2. Click "Users".




3. You will see all the users that exist within your domain (cloud_02722). At the moment there is only one user: john.doe@cloudferro.com. To add the second user navigate to the button in the upper-right-corner and click on the "Create user".




4.  Provide necessary values to complete a questionnaire and confirm by choosing "Create User" blue button.





  • Primary Project: Set the default project that will be displayed after the user "User Tom" logs to Horizon
  • Role: Choose _member_  to get access to the Dashboard without any administrative privileges.


5. The new account will be added to the domain. It's name is "User Tom".




6. Now the new user can log in. Log out from your Dashboard and choose the Authentication method by selecting "Keystone Credentials".



7. Use the same Domain (in our case it's cloud_02722). Provide User name and Password that are associated with the chosen account.

How to add user to the project?

In previous section a new user has been added to the domain with one primary project. In order to assign its membership to alternative/other project, please follow these steps.

1. Click on the "Projects" tab.


2. Locate "Manage members" button in the column called "Actions".



3. Assign a new member to the project by clicking on the "+" sign.



4. Verify if a desired user is on the right side in "Project Members" list and next press "Save".



5. Sign in to your account (in this guide it's User Tom). Click on the tab next to the CloudFerro logo. Here you can check the list of projects that you are assigned to and choose the desired project.