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How to add Floating IP to VM from external2 pool?

To assign a Floating IP from a specific pool to a VM, a router that supports the private network of that VM must be connected to the same pool.


Go to Project → Network → Routers.


First, create a new router by clicking the "Create Router" button.


Then complete field name of the router and chose "external2" in External Network field.


After creating the router, go to Project → Network → Networks and create a new network by clicking the "Create Network" button.


Choose the name of the new network and click the "Next" button.


Choose Subnet name and set Network Address and Gateway IP according to the pattern - 192.168.X.X/24 (e.g. Network Address -, Gateway IP and click the "Next" button.


Set a range of allocation pools (e.g. 2 - 254) and set DNS Name Servers:


and click the "Create" button.


After the network is created, it will be visible in network menu.


After the network has been created go back to Project → Network → Routers and select new router.


Then choose "Interface" bookmark.


Add a new interface by clicking on the "Add Interface" button.


Select the newly created Subnet and click the "Submit" button.

After adding Interface it will be visible in the Interface menu. After this step, you can proceed to create a new VM.


VM Create

The only difference during creating a new VM is selecting network with external2 pool.


Associate Floating IP

After creating the VM, attach Floating IP from external2 pool.


Choose "external2" from Pool field and click "Allocate IP".

Notice the IP Adress should be associated with local address from "192.168.x.x" subnet. If you have "10.x.x.x" address change it to "192.168.x.x" address.

After selecting IP Address and Port click the "Associate" button.


You now have public IP assigned to your instance and visible in Instances menu.