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How to access VM from Windows (PuTTY)?

The link below shows how to generate and add rsa key pairs:

"Generate keys tool" in Order a VM menu

In this tutorial key.pem is equivalent to id_rsa file that we obtain in zip package after key generation process.

To connect via PuTTY, copy your Virtual Machine floating IP address and save it somewhere.


Open PuTTYGen to converse the private key file to ppk format. (This format is being ussed by PuTTY client). Click on the "Load" button.


Choose the key file. Assure that you have set visibility to "All files".


A prompt window informing you about succesful import.



Save your imported private key in ppk format.



Following (...):



Open PuTTY Configuration tool and focus at the marked labels:




  1. Host Name( or IP address) → Write down the floating IP address that you may find in the Horizon Panel
  2. Port → Assign a SSH service port, by default it is set up on 22
  3. Connection type → Check SSH


Configuration has been set up. Enroll SSH branch.


Enroll Auth branch and provide a private key file by clicking on the "Browse"


Following (...):



(Optionally) Expand "Connection" list and click on the "Data".

Set Auto-login username: eouser.



For your comfort you can save the session for future usage by naming the session and saving changes.



Choose the proper session and click on the "Open" to commence the ssh session:



If you are connecting to your VM via PuTTY for the first time, we recommend to save the rsa key fingerprint by choosing Yes (Tak) for future connections from your computer.



If you logged in correctly you should see at the bottom of the screen: "eouser@yourInstanceName:~$"

Now you are correctly logged into your VM via SSH from another host.


If you would like to learn more about PuTTYgen, learn about the installation or usage guide, we invite you to visit the website www.puttygen.com