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S3FS in Linux

In instances started from Linux images created after March 14,2020, /eodata is automatically mounted after adding the "eodata" network to your VM.

The /eodata mount runs as a service and can be restarted by executing the command:

sudo systemctl restart eodata.mount

and the status can be checked by executing:

sudo systemctl status eodata.mount

In instances created before March 14/2020, /eodata is mounted using the /etc/fstab file and can be remounted by executing commands below:

sudo umount -lf /eodata
sudo mount /eodata

NFS in Windows

In Windows:

Run CMD (Command Prompt) with administrator privileges.

Open START menu and type "CMD". Right click on the top result and select Run as Administrator.


route add


and confirm by pressing Enter.


The run script "mount eodata" from desktop.


NFS in Linux

If you want to mount eodata in Linux using NFS, you should stop the S3FS eodata.mount service:

sudo systemctl stop eodata.mount

Modify /etc/fstab and uncomment the line:

nfs.eodata.cloudferro.com:/eodata/repository /eodata nfs ro,noauto,_netdev 0 0

Save /etc/fstab and invoke:

sudo mount /eodata