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Dashboard Overview - Project quotas and flavors limits

While using CREODIAS platform, one of the first things you will spot is a Limit Summary.

Each project is restricted by preset quotas, which is made for preventing system capacities from being exhausted without notification and guaranteeing free resources sufficient for use to every user of the platform.

Most likely, at the first screen after logging into Horizon Dashboard you will see seven charts reflecting limits most essential to stability of the platform.

Instances - is the amount of vms your project can contain at once, regardless of the flavors (it could be eo1.xsmall as well as hm.2xlarge). By default, you can launch up to 20 instaces.

VCPUs - number of cores (by default 100) you can assign while launching VMs of different flavors (it varies for each flavor, for example eo1.xsmall have only one core, while eo1.large have four VCPUs).

RAM - when you begin, you can use resources up to 125 gigabytes. Default value is not enough for running our most powerful VM (this topic will be continued in the second part of the article).

Floating IPs - you can reserve a pool of twenty unique Floating IP adresses assigned only to your project.

Security Groups - two of the ten Security Groups are presetted during creation of the domain (one is a default group and the second one allows connection via SSH and RDP and pinging instances).

Volumes - please keep in mind that disks provided only by flavor (unchecked "Create new volume" while instances creation) won't count in. You can create up to 40 volumes, but you cannot excess Volume Storage limit.

Volume Storage - you can store in your instances and disposable volumes up to 4,9 TB of data.


During the VM creation process, while choosing flavor. you may spot yellow exclamation mark next to some values. It means that remaining resources are exceeding the quota, or (more rarely) flavor is unavailable due to some maintenance reason.




You can enroll flavor summary by clicking the arrow on the left.

The charts will show current free resources, and resources that will remain after establishing a new instances.

If the quota would be exceeded, OpenStack won't allow us to choose particular flavor.


Users cannot change the quotas manually, though the only way to change it is sending the request to Support Team (see: How to send a support request/incident?). Proper request should contain information about what quota should be changed and expected new value (usually we double the old value).