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Creodias Remote Transfer for EODATA - Reset Secret Key on Creodias WAW3-1 Cloud


This article assumes that you have access to CloudFerro WAW3-1 infrastructure.

If your CREODIAS account has access only to CF2 infrastructure, please contact support to get access to WAW3-1.

If your Remote Transfer for EODATA secret key gets compromised, you can reset it.

What We Are Going To Cover

  • Resetting a secret key


No 1. Remote Transfer for EODATA enabled and key pair created

You must have Remote Transfer for EODATA enabled. You also need to create a key pair. If you haven’t already, you can follow this article to do both:

Cloudferro Remote Transfer for EODATA - Create Credentials on Creodias WAW3-1 Cloud.

Resetting a secret key

Navigate to the following website: If you receive the login prompt, sign it to your account there.

You should now see the list of your credentials, for example:

Click Reset Secret in the row containing the access key from the key pair in which you wish to reset your secret key.

Make sure that you do not click this button by accident because you will not be prompted for confirmation.

You should receive the window containing a new secret key:


Copy the key pair and store it somewhere safe.

Click Close to close the window.

Your secret key is now changed.