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Copernicus DIAS - yet another big contract

CloudFerro as a part of consortium led by Creotech Instruments, has secured another big contract with the European Space Agency (ESA). The quality of offered solutions places this Polish company among the best companies providing cloud solutions in the world.

ESA, acting on behalf of the European Commission, has announced today in Brussels the results of the tender for providing solutions for Data and Information Access Services - DIAS of Copernicus, the European program of Earth Observation. DIAS will ensure easy, unlimited and free-of-charge access to a huge amount of data and information gathered within the frames of Copernicus, thus providing users with scalable computing and data storage environment.

Contracts with ESA, of ca. 15M EUR value each, will be signed by four consortia. CloudFerro will provide implementation and operational services of a computing cloud within the frames of a EO DIAS consortium. The remaining winners of the tender are consortia: Serco with OVH as the cloud provider, ATOS Integration with T-System International as the cloud provider and Airbus Defence and Space with Orange as the cloud provider.

''It is the biggest contract in the history of cooperation of Polish companies with ESA, while the DIAS project itself is recognized by ESA as a milestone in the Copernicus program. Winning the contract is a proof that we offer great and reliable solutions and the highest level user support. DIAS, including our technology, will be used by companies from various industries for years, contributing to a dynamic development of products and services based on satellite data. The case of CloudFerro, a small company, shows that appropriate competence and know-how bring success even on a highly competitive market – today we are standing equal in a line with market leaders of the world”, said Maciej Krzyżanowski, CEO of CloudFerro Sp. z o.o.

CloudFerro, within the frames of the won tender, will provide a reliable computing and data storage environment, as well as services in the PaaS model (platform as a service). The Polish consortium will be responsible for operation of one of five - apart from the consortia revealed today the solution will also be built by Eumetsat in cooperation with ECMWF and Mercator Ocean - DIAS platforms, which will be launched by 2Q 2018. In this manner the users will gain a complete and comfortable access to all the satellite data and pictures of the Copernicus program together with innovative and reliable tools for their processing.