StartDate and CompletionDate in Finder Api v2

CREODIAS users have got a new option to search for images by different time parameters independently. It regards 'startDate and completionDate parameters. All parameters can be used simultaneously. 

An additional endpoint has been added to the Finder. The API https://finder.creodias.eu/resto/api2/ works almost the same as https://finder.creodias.eu/resto/api/, except for the following changes:

Interval parameters can support one or two values depending on the expected result.
parameter=[value1,value2] - values from value1 inclusive to value2 inclusive
parameter=]value1,value2[ - values from value1 to value2
parameter=[value1,value2[ - values from value1 inclusive to value2
parameter=[value1 - values from value1 inclusive
parameter=]value1 - values from value1
parameter=value2] - values to value2 inclusive
parameter=value2[ - values to value2

All parameters can be used simultaneously and the rest of the API functionalities work as usual. Changes are not implemented in https://finder.creodias.eu/resto/api endpoint.

Due to cases of abuse and to assure high quality of service to all CREODIAS users, we had to implement limits on number of requests to CREODIAS Finder API.
The limit is 60 requests per minute, per source IP address.
The requests over the limit will be rejected with the code 429.