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Cloudferro Remote Transfer for EODATA - Extending the Validity of Credentials on Creodias WAW3-1 Cloud


This article assumes that you have access to CloudFerro WAW3-1 infrastructure.

If your CREODIAS account has access only to CF2 infrastructure, please contact support to get access to WAW3-1.

For security reasons, the credentials issued to you for the Remote Transfer for EODATA expire after some time. If, however, you want them to last longer, you can extend their validity.

What We Are Going To Cover

  • Checking the validity of credentials

  • Extending the validity of credentials


No 1. Remote Transfer for EODATA enabled and key pair created

You must have Remote Transfer for EODATA enabled. You also need to create a key pair. If you haven’t already, you can follow this article to do so: Cloudferro Remote Transfer for EODATA - Create Credentials on Creodias WAW3-1 Cloud.

Step 1 Check the validity of credentials

Navigate to the following website: If you receive the login prompt, sign it to your account there.

You should now see the list of your credentials, for example:


The expiration date of that key pair can be seen in the Expires column:

Extending the validity of credentials

To extend the validity of a key pair, click Edit in its row:

You should now be able to set a new expiration date in the same way as when you were creating that key pair:


Once you have set it, click Edit Credential.

You should get the following confirmation:


Your new expiration date should be visible in the row with that credential: