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Cloudferro Remote Transfer for EODATA - Create Credentials on Creodias WAW3-1 Cloud


This article assumes that you have access to CloudFerro WAW3-1 infrastructure.

If your CREODIAS account has access only to CF2 infrastructure, please contact support to get access to WAW3-1.

The eodata repository contains dozens of petabytes of Earth observation data from missions such as Sentinel-2A or Sentinel-5P.

The service Remote Transfer For EODATA allows you to access this repository directly from your own infrastructure.

This article explains how to begin using this service by activating your account and creating the keys which can later be used for mounting the EODATA repository on your local Windows or Linux computer.

What We Are Going To Cover

  • Initializing the environment

  • Obtaining access to the service

  • Creating a key


No 1. account

You need an account on the website. It is different from the account you use to manage your Creodias WAW3-1 cloud. You can register it here:

Step 1: Initialize the environment

Skip this step if you have already activated the service.

Navigate to using your Internet browser. If you receive a login prompt, sign in to your account there. You should get the following message:

Wait up to a couple minutes until your account gets correctly initialized. Once the process is complete, you should have access to the following portal:

Step 2: Obtain access to the service

Skip this step if you have already activated the service.

In this portal you should have the following message stating that your service is not yet activated:

Use the link in the message to contact the Support or Sales department and request the activation of the service.

Once the appropriate team has activated your access, that section of the portal should look like this:

The number of keys you can create might be different than the one you see on the screenshot. Feel free to use the link in this message to contact the customer support and request increase of the available number of keys, if needed.

Step 3: Create a key

Now that your account has been correctly activated, you can create a key used for mounting the EODATA repository on your local computer.

Click add credential below the message containing the limit of the keys you can create:


You should now get the window similar to this:

Use the Expires At the text field to choose when do you want your credential to expire. You can use the calendar icon in the right section of the text field to choose that date from an interactive calendar.

Once you have selected it, click Add Credential.

You will now see your access key and secret key, for example:

Copy both of them and store somewhere safe.

Your secret key will be showed only once. Make sure that you do not close that window before saving it. If you do not save it before closing the window, you can create a new secret key by clicking Reset Secret in the row containing the access key from the key pair you just created. Aftre clicking Reset Secret, you will get a window with the new key.

Once you have saved your access and secret key, click Close.

Your credential should also be visible on the list of available keys: